OKX Expands to the Netherlands with New Crypto Exchange and Wallet

In a significant move marking its commitment to the Dutch market, global cryptocurrency exchange OKX has officially launched its local trading platform and Web3 wallet in the Netherlands. This expansion follows OKX’s rebranding from Okcoin Europe earlier this year and reflects its dedication to providing comprehensive crypto services to Dutch users.

A New Chapter for OKX in the Netherlands

OKX began serving users in the Netherlands in 2021 under the name Okcoin Europe, following its registration with the Dutch central bank, De Nederlandsche Bank. The official launch of OKX in the Netherlands introduces a range of new services and features tailored to the local market.

Key Features of OKX’s Dutch Launch

  1. Centralized Crypto Exchange (CEX):

OKX’s centralized exchange allows Dutch customers to trade approximately 150 cryptocurrencies. The platform supports at least 60 trading pairs with the euro, providing a robust trading environment for users.

  1. Local Payment Integration:

To facilitate seamless euro deposits and withdrawals, OKX has integrated with the Dutch payment system iDeal. This integration ensures that Dutch users can deposit euros into their OKX accounts free of charge. Additionally, OKX supports transactions through the European payment system known as Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA).

  1. Comprehensive Services:

The OKX CEX offers a range of services including spot cryptocurrency trading and staking. The launch also includes the OKX Wallet, which enables users to hold full custody of their own crypto assets, enhancing security and control for Dutch customers.

Commitment to Local Users

Erald Ghoos, OKX Europe General Manager, emphasized the importance of this launch: “The launch of our centralized exchange and OKX Wallet in the Netherlands is a significant milestone in our long-term commitment to the country.” OKX has hired a local expert team to ensure that the products and services are tailored to meet the needs of Dutch users, with careful attention to user feedback.

How to Get Started with OKX in the Netherlands

Dutch residents interested in joining OKX can easily sign up by visiting the OKX website. The platform is accessible through the OKX app, available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play. After downloading the app, users need to complete the verification process to start trading and managing their crypto assets.


OKX’s expansion into the Netherlands is a strategic move that underscores its commitment to growing its presence in Europe. By offering a localized trading platform and wallet services, OKX aims to provide Dutch users with a secure and efficient way to engage with the cryptocurrency market. With its comprehensive offerings and user-focused approach, OKX is well-positioned to become a leading crypto exchange in the Netherlands.

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